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Coming off the tremendous success of the 2016 Autonomous Vehicles Summit, we are pleased to announce- the next in installment in the Autonomous Series:

The 3rd Annual Autonomous Cars, Silicon Valley Summit

This event will focus on the monumental announcements and achievements in autonomy for the passenger car industry.

Smart Cities are the future.

In light of the recent ground breaking headlines from industry leaders such as Uber and Ford, join us to explore the first wave of autonomy in low-speed, car sharing and car hailing vehicles. Observe consumer trends towards urbanization and how this will influence the mass production of autonomous car fleets- stay ahead of the curve and delve into the latest research and technology spear-heading these autonomous cars, just a "request" away!

Safety First

Securing customer trust in this revolutionary concept will require the most cutting edge safety technology and warning systems. Join researchers, and engineers designing and testing the latest safety features for automated and autonomous cars. Discover the challenges in educating drivers and regulators on these new systems and keep the future of autonomy secure!

Law and Order

Don't miss panel discussions and breakdowns of the steps and collaborations necessary between experts within the automotive industry and legislators to usher in an unhindered, yet uniformly regulated autonomous future. Explore the needs for transparency and hear from champions of autonomous technology on federal and state levels- find out what, and who, you need to know in the future of regulating autonomous cars .

Join us in the creative and progressive Silicon Valley, the heart of American R&D to usher us to the future!

Hands on experiences with the best technology on the market, game changing discussions and research-

Autonomy is here. You should be too.

Autonomous Cars Silicon Valley 2017

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Attend Autonomous Cars 2017 and learn from the top OEMs how to:


Prevent problems on the road by utilizing the latest in failure injection testing


Harness the newest techniques in V2V, V2P, and V2I techniques to keep your vehicles moving efficiently and accident free


Utilize improvements in radar, lidar, and sonar to keep driver and car alike constantly aware of their surroundings


Incorporate the most cutting edge user utility and convenience applications to keep drivers constantly engaged and aware


Ensure that your vehicles project a clear signal even in environments with heavy interference


Improve the range and clarity of your sensors to keep car and driver constantly informed


Develop intuitive learning algorithms that predict what's coming down the road to avoid last second reactions


Use the latest in cyber security solutions to keep your autonomous vehicle secure inside and out

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